What & Why?

Why do we love sailing? Is it because of or despite rainy days with no wind, or windy days when we feel like heroes just because we made it back to shore? Or is it because of or despite the complexity of our sport?

Whatever the reason, the pace of modern life brings a constant struggle to accommodate time for traditional sports like sailing that require lots of time and logistics, plus the need for a crew and favorable weather conditions.

So why wouldn’t we exploit the technology that we already carry in our pockets and start enjoying our favorite sport on our own terms? Yes, the scoreboard is online and some competitors will never meet in person, but the wind, the waves and the almost magical machines we call sailboats are still very much part of this game. The difference is that in this one you can compete on your own terms and time.

How it works?

1 Accept a Challenge

You can accept as many challenges as you please. All of your uploaded tracks will be processed within all the accepted challenges.

You can compete with maximum 3 different boats. You can either choose them when you sign up or add/change themlater in your Profile Settings. In case that you delete a boat, all the tracks and results connected with that boat will be lost.

When there is more than 10 boats of the same class signed in the challenge, they get their own class filter. Otherwise boat is defined by length and type.

2 Sail & Record your track

You can record your tracks with any device capable of GPS position sampling rate of at least 1 hz (1 point per second). That can be a sports watch, Velocitek, GPS device, smartphones with adequate app.

Download or e-mail your GPX track from the device to the computer.

3 Upload

Upload your GPX track from your computer to SailingRecord platform. Only GPX files with at least 1hz sampling rate are accepted.

Only skipper can upload the track. He can off course add/tag the crew list when uploading the track or later in the track info.

4 Check Your Results & Ranking

Check your latest uploads to see if you improved your personal best in accepted challenges.

It only shows your personal best in each challenge.

Choose the people you want to follow and filter the results within this group.

5 Yes! You made a new record

Congratulations! Share it.

Make your track info more interesting and add photos, videos & meteo pics.